Although we have chosen to present our activities along three main axes: creation, teaching and events, these activities are complementary and should not be considered in isolation. Also, we consider the research and creation processes as learning opportunities and the street dance battles and other gatherings as great platforms of exchange and sharing nourishing the dancers in their creative process. Likewise, the street dance classes and workshops we offer are both opportunities to teach but also to create and learn from one another.

In 2017, Ford Mckeown Larose created the educational program named “The Formula” to structure the training and approach to Popping & Boogaloo. Later, Forward Movements teamed up with UP by Djidawi to create a unique formula that combined personal development training with fun Popping & Boogaloo instruction. These workshops were offered in both Quebec and France in 2017 and 2018. The Formula is the foundation on which Ford Mckeown continues to build to teach Popping & Boogaloo.

Today, our teaching initiatives focus on two main activities:


Session 67 is a weekly gathering in the Saint Michel district, around street dance. These sessions have two main objectives:

  • Provide a meeting place for street dancers to allow them to exchange ideas and improve themselves through creativity exercises.

  • Make street dance visible and accessible (especially for Youths) in the Saint-Michel district by organizing these practices in parks or community centres.


Immersed in the world of street dance battles

This project in collaboration with the Lasallien centre and the Saint-Michel Youth Forum proposes to immerse the young people of the Saint-Michel district in the world of dance battles through a theoretical and practical initiation of different elements of Hip Hop culture such as dance (Hip hop and Popping & Boogaloo), DJing, beatmaking, MCing but also by attending a battle. It will roll out over two years, in 2021 and 2022.

Project funded under the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montreal between the City of Montreal and the Government of Quebec