Creatura is a hybrid project both cinematographic and on stage. It depicts the birth and evolution of a creature interpreted by 8 street dancers. By using animation concepts specific to Popping (waving, robot), the performers give life to a creature learning to tame its environment.

Shot in April 2022, the short film will be released in 2023. 



Artistic Direction | Ford Mckeown Larose
Production Management | Anaïs Gachet
Film Direction | Phetsari Pathammavong
Dancers | Asmina Thirunavukarasu, Basilio-Augusto “Baz” Rabanal-Ayansen, Darianne Ramirez-
Blanchette, Klyvens “Abstrakt” Sanon, Sacha “Liquid Sach” Riendeau, Taylor “Badmaanting” Catwell et
Tommy “Hypz” Prud’homme
Artistic assistance and Rehearsal Director | Marie-Denise Bettez
Artistic Adviser | Clémence Clara Faure
Actors Direction | Johnny Cortes
Mobility Training | Amy Jessica Pilette
Light Design | Laura-Rose R. Grenier
Costume Design | Hubert Côté
Set Design | Marianne Lonergan Pilotto
Maquillage | Gabrielle Vo
Sound Design | Jérémie Landreville (à partir de créations d’Abraham “Tismé” Diallo)
Musique originale : LALALA – Abraham “Tismé” Diallo et Drôle de Rêve – Theo “La Fougasse” Mahé
Special thank you to : Etienne “ATN” Lou, Léandre “Legend” Pellerin, Martin Messier, Mukoma-K “J.
Style” Nshinga and Victor “Rubberband” Quijada.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: Canada Council for the Arts