AmalGame is a street dance project by choreographer Ford Mckeown Larose bringing together dancers from Montreal of all levels, gender, age and culture. A choreographic challenge aimed at bringing out the cohesion of chaos.

Inspired by the butterfly effect (or chaos theory), the project began in 2017 and has continued to evolve with the beating of wings and the tornadoes they generated. AmalGame 2.0 was a constantly evolving work featuring street dancers giving life, through their movements, to an evolving choreographic creature.


In September 2017, after several months of work in collaboration with the UEZ studio, a first version of the project was presented at the Quartiers Danses Festival. It then brought together 11 dancers from 10 to 30 years old. The piece won the Festival’s Best Outdoor Creation Award.

In 2018, a short creative residency at the Chorégraphique O Vertigo Centre allowed the piece to evolve to adapt it to a room with 6 performers. This new version : AmalGame 2.0 was presented in May of the same year at the Vue sur la Relève Festival.


In 2019, AmalGame continues with 5 performers. A pivotal year for the project, during which the choreographer and the performers will work for several months, notably on waving techniques, but also on dramaturgy. In June, the team spent a week in residence at Studio 303 and presented a few extracts in the Saint-Michel district: at the Rayons d’Artistes event organized by the borough, at TOHU during FALLA and at the Maison d ‘Haiti. In December 2019, a brand new version of the project was presented at MAI (Montreal Arts Interculturels) as part of the MAD event organized by the company in collaboration with 100Lux.

The project flew to France and was presented on February 2nd 2020 at the HIP OPEN DANCE Festival in Lille, thus marking the end of this adventure.


Choreographer: Ford “The Mov3r” Mckeown Larose
Dancers who participated in the project (in alphabetical order): Rose “Kutz” Gabrielle Auguste, John Kelly Bastien, Taylor Catwell, Benoit Fareau-Gabourg, Minoutchy Jean, Romy Lacasse, Morganne Lavarenne, Abdel-Hanine Madini, Mukoma-K Nshinga, Amy Jessica Pilette, Basilio-Augusto Rabanal-Ayansen, Darianne Ramirez-Blanchette, Sacha Riendeau, Robert Soare, Roxane Tessier, Léonard Turgeon, Shanice Vincent
Production and communication management: Anaïs Gachet


RESIDENCIES: Studio 303 and O Vertigo Choreographic Center