The MAD event represents a great first for the Montreal street dance scene since it allowed for the first time to integrate a street dance battle into the official programming of a performance hall in Montreal.

Initiative of Forward Movements, MAD was presented in December 2019 at MAI (Montreal, arts interculturels) in collaboration with 100Lux.


The event offered two evenings of street dance performances (December 5th and 6th, 2019), including performances by Femmes Phenomenales, Sarah Bidaw and Ford Mckeown Larose (AmalGame 2.0). These evenings were themed around diversity and its multiple attributes.


The third evenings was dedicated to the MAD Battle. After numerous challenges aimed at encouraging the creativity of dancers, Junior Dorsaint AKA Djüngle won the battle. He will be representing Canada at the Hip Hop Games in Lille, France in the fall of 2021.